Asset Management

  • Stay Organized: Upload any videos, images, or documents that you need feedback on into one central place.
  • Stay in Control: easily search for any assets by Tags, File Type, Name, or Date.
  • Gain Oversight: know the status and who’s assigned to each asset.

My Collaborators

  • Get under one umbrella: Gather everyone in one place; easily invite people by email; add/remove, and assign roles and permissions
  • Maintain Privacy: Separate your team from your reviewers and control who sees what with easy “access management”.
  • Send quick notes: share an asset and add a small note to add some context.

On Screen Commenting

  • Click & Comment: add concise and in context feedback right on the asset.
  • Maintain Privacy: control who sees comments and keep certain comments hidden from reviewers easily.
  • Reply & Upload: have mini discussions within the comments and upload files for reference.

Automatic Versioning

  • Track Versions: automatically know when a version was created,
  • Maintain Privacy: control visibility per version.
  • Add/Remove Versions: easily manage versions.

Flexible File Sharing

  • Ask Team: ask/share an asset with your team and colleagues.
  • Ask Reviewers: ask/share an asset with reviewers to give feedback.
  • Create Share Link: not everyone likes to sign up to new tools. Don’t worry! Just create a share link and share it through email, Basecamp, Trello, Asana, etc.
  • Love Shortcuts: easily accessible shortcuts to sharing actions.

My Discussions

  • Centralise all communication: one easy to find place for all your discussions.
  • Attach Files: enclose attachments within discussions.

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